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DIN cable - 5 pin - 1.5 m - Black - Male/Male

DIN cable - 5 pin - 1.5 m - Black - Male/Male

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DIN cable for B&O - 5 pin - 1.5 m - Black - Male/Male

This 5 pole or 5 pin DIN cable is used between Neo Radio and your B&O equipment.

Neo Radio has an input for a record player, as Neo Radio has a built-in RIAA amplifier.

You can extract the gramophone sound from Neo Radio via this 5-pole DIN cable and send the gramophone to your B&O product's AUX input.

This transfers the signal from the gramophone in the best possible way and you get good sound.

DIN cable parameters

  • He sticks at both ends
  • 5 pin or 5 pole - with 5 pins in each DIN connector
  • Length of 1.5 meters
  • The color black

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