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Beolab 7.2 - Black - Refurbished

Beolab 7.2 - Black - Refurbished

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Totally refurbished Beolab 7 speaker from B&O

Neo Shop offers a totally refurbished Beolab 7 speaker for your new TV with a Neo 7 Adapter.

The world's best speaker - from Bang & Olufsen

Beolab 7 is one of the world's best soundbars for TV. There are 6 amplifiers of 125 watt ICEpower each - this is a completely unrivaled sound performance for your TV viewing. In total, the speaker plays 750 watts - this provides a fantastic sound experience when you watch a movie.

Update Beolab 7 and bring back the surface

After all, the speaker is a few years old and that means nothing for the electronics and the sound.

Have you experienced that the surface of your Beolab 7 has lost its shine and the surface is cracking. Then there is help to be had.

Neomesteren helps with a totally refurbished Beolab 7.2

  • It has been completely disassembled at our service workshop
  • The cabinet has undergone a professional industrial painting
  • The cabinet looks brand new again with a nice black lacquer finish.
  • The electronics have been reviewed and refurbished
  • All speakers have been checked and new parts have been added if necessary.

Just see the difference - now noise and dirt cannot get stuck on the surface and the speaker looks like new again. A refurbished Beolab 7

Elegant and beautiful for a new TV which has been updated with the Neo 7 Adapter.

What do I do with my used Beolab 7

Note - we will take your used Beolab 7.2 in exchange for DKK 1000 including VAT and expect it to work and not have a dent in the front grille.

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