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Powerlink Cable - MK9 - Black - Y-adapter - Male and 2 x Female

Powerlink Cable - MK9 - Black - Y-adapter - Male and 2 x Female

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B&O powerlink - DIN 8 pin cable with RJ 45

Powerlink cable in black with DIN 8 pin male connector and a splitter cable with 2 DIN 8 pin female connectors - the cable is a Mk9 type.


The cable is used to provide an additional powerlink connection - it could be an additional connection to a B&O speaker.


The Power Link cable is used to connect B&O systems together with primarily loudspeakers.


Data on powerlink cable

  • Powerlink cable has 2 DIN 8 pin female power link and 1 DIN 8 pin male
  • The cable has 8 internal wires with a shield around it.

  • The cable is ideal for sending the sound to 2 B&O Beolab speakers.

  • The color is black.

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What is powerlink cable model 9 or Mk9?

We have chosen to call it the Power link cable from Neomesteren . There is an alternative to Mk 1, Mk 2 or Mk 3.

The name Mk 9 is just chosen so that there is no confusion - it has no more meaning.

Why do we do it 

At Neo Shop, both Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3 and Mk 9 of Powerlink cables with DIN 8 pin and RJ45 plug are sold.

Power Link cables are relatively expensive to acquire, as the complexity inside the cable makes the cable expensive to manufacture.

Wires generally do not cost much, but shielded wires do as well as an interlacing in a cable - so it ends up with expensive cables.

Is it necessary to use the expensive double shielded power link cables? In some cases yes, but in many cases it is not.

The cable Mk 9 is cheaper than the other models and is therefore an alternative to choose for different setups – there is a lot of money to be saved on cables.

We are not saying that you should always choose Mk 9 powerlink cable DIN 8 cables or Mk 2 cables – we are saying that you should choose the cable according to the application.

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