collection: Neo

Neo Mesteren develops, produces and sells add-on products for older Bang & Olufsen products.

Our goal is to digitize and renew older B&O products, which have become technologically obsolete, but which still hold up in design and are still delicious products in terms of operation.

We are working to provide access to the more than 100,000+ music internet channels that exist. Also to provide access to streaming services such as TuneIn, RadioTunes, B&O Radio, and many others.

We call this product Neo Radio. We have also chosen to build in a gramophone amplifier in Neo Radio - a so-called RIAA amplifier. Almost all B&O turntables do not have a built-in RIAA amplifier, and B&O products from the 90s and 00s (such as Beosound 9000, Beosound 4, Beocenter 9500 and many others) do not have an input for a gramophone without an RIAA amplifier. We have therefore made Neo Radio so that you can connect your B&O record player to Neo Radio and play your records through Neo Radio to your B&O speakers.

B&O TV on a Beovision 7 is outdated, as the TV system has been updated several times (eg from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4). We ensure that you get a product that can update the TV and subsequently still use your system. We call the product BM 7 Adapter.

Neo TV connects TV with Bang & Olufsen speakers (such as Beolab 8000, Beolab 6000, Beolab 4000, BeoLab Penta, etc.) and you can operate it all with a b&o remote control such as Beo5 or Remote One. You can also operate it with older remote controls such as Beolink 1000, Beolink 5000, beolink 7000 or Beo5 and Beo6 - but with limited functionality.

Neo stands for renewal - this is exactly what we strive for.