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Neo Radio (R2) - Streams Internet Radio on your B&O products

Neo Radio (R2) - Streams Internet Radio on your B&O products

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Neo Radio

Neo Radio streams Internet Radio on your B&O products, Bluetooth streams to the system and Gramophone / Turntable sound in the speakers from your record player

  • Internet Radio on B&O products. 
  • Bluetooth streamer for the B&O system. 
  • Gramophone sound in the speakers. 
  • Neo Radio (R2 - release 2) also supports Masterlink setups.

Internet Radio Streamer

More than +20,000 channels via Neo Stream stream right into the living room and the whole house. Neo Stream has been developed for Neo Radio and you get digital radio. You experience it as DAB channels. Change channels with your Beo4 or Beoremote One. It couldn't be easier.

Bluetooth Streamer

Get the sound from mobile devices directly on your beloved B&O speakers. Music from Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube Music, RadioTunes, TuneIn Radio - what more could you want.

Gramophone / Turntable

RIAA amplifier built-in. Connect the B&O gramophone directly to the Neo Radio and get the familiar sound out of the speakers.

Multi room

Music throughout the house. Listen to your favorite FM stadiums. Neo Radio provides both Internet Radio and FM stations - at once.
Neo Radio (R2) supports B&O Masterlink in main room and link room.

FM stationer - streamer

Listen to your local radio stations. Listen to your favorite FM stadiums. Neo Radio provides both Internet Radio and FM stations - at once.

B&O remote control

Neo Radio is controlled with your Bang & Olufsen remote control – typically Beo4 or Remote One.

Read more details about the product here

Read the user manual here

All new Neo Radios are pre-installed with 10 channels – just ready to connect a B&O system – and listen to the music. Choose yourself afterwards from more than 20,000 channels from NeoStream. You can select as many channels as your B&O product has fixed FM channels. 

Please note that Neo Radio uses an RJ45 connector on the Power Link port - the same connector that B&O uses. Converter cables can be purchased here.

Neo Radio requires that your powerlink cable is fully assembled - also referred to as MKII or MK2 in B&O language. Many thin powerlink cables are not fully assembled and cannot be used with Neo Radio (also called MK3 cables).

Read more about powerlink cables here

Neo Radio supports B&O products with Powerlink

Neo Radio supports the following products from the start:

Beocenter 2
Beocenter 2300
Beocenter 2500
Beocenter 8500
Beocenter 9300
Beocenter 9500
Beomaster 4500
Beomaster 6500
Beomaster 7000
Beosound 3000
Beosound 3200
Beosound 4
Beosound 9000
BeoSound Overture

Neo Radio supports the above B&O audio system, where the speakers are connected directly to the system. Neo Radio does not support setups where the B&O audio system is connected via master link to the video system and the speakers are connected to the video system.

Turntable and Gramophone amplifier (RIAA)

It has become incredibly popular again with a record player or gramophone. It has really had a renaissance. The sound is good and different from today's digital streaming. We don't want to choose for you - but would like to give you both options. 

Internet streaming and Grammofon at once - and in the same product.

Neo Radio therefore has an input for your record player or gramophone. Neo Radio has a built-in RIAA amplifier, which is necessary for most turntables.

See the list of B&O gramophones with and without RIAA amplifier

You can now play your record player via your B&O product – the products we have listed above.

With this, you get both - and we think you are looking forward to this opportunity.

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