collection: Beolab speakers

We have refurbished the Beolab speakers

Even though the Beolab speakers from Bang & Olufsen have been in operation for a few years, they still play fantastically.

The cabinet ages over time, but we have the solution.

All our Beolab 7 loudspeakers have been refurbished where they are taken apart, painted on an automatic painting system with a powder coating - they are like new again - assembled and refurbished. You simply get an experience of a brand new speaker - and then it plays again as it did when it left the B&O factory.

Beolab 7.1 and 7.2

Beolab 7 is probably one of the most powerful speakers developed for a TV. Now it can also be used on TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Loewe and Panasonic.

They are equipped with 6 speakers, each with its own ICEpower amplifier. They provide an impressive 750 watts in a soundbar - you don't see that often.

Even newer speakers such as the Beosound Stage do not provide the same great experience of sound.

Beolab 7.4

This is a mono speaker, which fits perfectly in a solution with 2 side speakers in a nice solution. It could be, for example, 2 pieces of Beolab 8000. Neo 7 Adapter can play music out of all 3 speakers, see powerlink splitter cable.

Beolab 7-4 is specially built to reproduce acoustic voices and is the perfect center speaker with a new TV on the Beovision 7 stand. Immediately you have a new solution - Neovision 7.

As many as 2 x 250 watts with ICEpower amplifiers provide an impressive sound.