About us

We are a bunch of passionate people who have all been employed at B&O or have developed products for B&O – we can't help it.

We are passionate about renewing your B&O equipment with the latest technology - we help you on your way - experience the joy again.

Beo Mesteren was founded in 2020 with the aim of developing, producing and selling special adaptations and solutions for equipment from Bang & Olufsen.

We have changed our name to Neo Mesteren in June 2022, as Bang & Olufsen has a really hard time with us being called Beo Mesteren and wanted to enforce it legally - we only want to make good add-on products for our customers.

We are currently working on 3 new products, which can restore the joy of many older B&O products. Development is underway and the first product was launched at the turn of 2021.

Read more about the products here