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Neo Radio

Neo Radio provides Internet Radio for your B&O products. You also get Bluetooth streaming from your mobile device and input for B&O gramophone.

The main product is called Neo Radio

Bluetooth streamer for the B&O system. Internet Radio on B&O products. Gramophone sound in the speakers.

It's Neo Radio

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Neo Radio with RIAA amplifier

We have also chosen to build in a gramophone amplifier in Neo Radio - a so-called RIAA amplifier.

Almost all B&O turntables have not built in a RIAA amplifier. B&O products from the 90s and 00s (such as Beosound 9000, Beosound 4, Beocenter 9500 and many others) do not have an input for a gramophone without an RIAA amplifier.

We have therefore made Neo Radio so that you can connect your B&O record player to Neo Radio and play your records through Neo Radio to your B&O speakers.

What is an RIIA amplifier

Quite a few of the B&O turntables have a built-in RIAA amplifier. They must therefore not be connected to Neo Radio, but must be connected directly to Beomaster or Beosound.

An RIAA amplifier is actually a small pre-amplifier which amplifies the signals from the pick-up on a gramophone or record player. The sound can thus be played through the Beomaster or Beosound system to the speaker.

Here you can see the list of record players with and without RIAA amplifier. We have tried to make the list complete. If there are any gramophones missing or there are errors in the list, please let us know.
List of B&O turntables with and without RIAA amplifier

The RIAA standard - or rather the RIAA curve - aims to make recording gramophone records easier and simpler. The RIAA curve is a frequency band that goes from 20 Hz to 20 KHz, where the signal is attenuated 20 db at 20 Hz and amplified 20 dB at 20 KHz. The playback curve is exactly the opposite, so you achieve an even frequency response.