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Neo Radio (R1)

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Internet and DAB streams for your B&O products Internet radio – streams internet channels (DAB channels) to your B&O product... Read more

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Internet and DAB streams for your B&O products

  • Internet radio – streams internet channels (DAB channels) to your B&O product
  • Controlled with your Bang & Olufsen remote control - Beo4 or Remote One
  • Internet streaming also works in link rooms via Masterlink and MCL link
  • We support over 15 well-known B&O products - see the list below
  • Neo Radio also has a built-in RIAA amplifier - connect your B&O record player to Neo Radio and listen to your favorite records

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We are working hard to develop Neo Radio and already have a prototype running.

We can't wait to show you the product, which brings even more new technology to your B&O products - you'll love it.

The product will go on sale in autumn 2022.

Neo Radio streams internet channels and DAB channels to your favorite Bang & Olufsen products.

Neo Radio supports the following products from the start:

Beocenter 2

Beocenter 2300

Beocenter 2500

Beocenter 8500

Beocenter 9300

Beocenter 9500

Beomaster 4500

Beomaster 6500

Beomaster 7000

Beosound 3000

Beosound 3200

Beosound 4

Beosound 9000

BeoSound Overture

Neo Radio also offers the option of streaming Internet channels to link rooms via Masterlink and MCL link – a new form of Bang & Olufsen DAB RADIO (DAB+ radio) again or B&O Internet radio.

This means that you can listen to Internet (DAB) channels throughout the house with your existing equipment.

Your B&O system gets a new DAB radio via Internet channels. You can operate it with your Beo4 or Remote One.

Turntable and Gramophone amplifier (RIAA)

It has become incredibly popular again with a record player or gramophone. It has really had a renaissance. The sound is good and different from today's digital streaming. We don't want to choose for you - but would like to give you both options.

Internet streaming or DAB streaming and Gramophone at once – and in the same product.

Neo Radio therefore has an input for your record player or gramophone. Neo Radio has a built-in RIAA amplifier, which is necessary for most turntables.

See the list of B&O gramophones with and without RIAA amplifier

You can now play your record player via your B&O product – the products we have listed above.

With this, you get both - and we think you are looking forward to this opportunity.


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